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I am madly in love with anything vintage and have been for over 20 years or so now. The appeal for me with the 1940s and 1950s started when I was a teenager because I just didn't find the modern lifestyle appealing or romantic. So from about the age of seventeen I was hooked on the clothing, the furniture and the music. I can't get enough and enjoy being around others who love it as much as me. What a way to live! I wouldn't ask for it any other way. Now I can write a blog about my lifestyle and the things I enjoy and feel passionate about.

Dolores Daiquiri!

Dolores Daiquiri!

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09 February 2011

A Salute To Redheads

Myrna Loy
Just wanted to celebrate and salute every gorgeous redhead out there. Being one myself and with a new haircut I am somewhat proud of my 'tribe'.
The first shot below is of myself  just after getting my new short haircut. I had long hair for ten years and it was time to go. The cut and style is a cross between 1940s Hollywood actress Jane Wyman and 1950s singer Keely Smith. Hope you like it!! All the other shots are of famous sexy redheads (not sure if they are all natural) I admire.

Maureen O'Hara

Lucille Ball
Tempest Storm
Rhonda Fleming
Ann Sheridan
Christina Hendricks

04 February 2011

My Hit List For 2011

My Hit List 2011

Norman Hartnell : Sixty Years of Glamour and Fashion by Michael Pick 
Norman Hartnell was a Couturier who had a significant influence in creating glamorous fashion from the 1930s onwards. His evening dresses attracted clients including Marlene Dietrich and Vivienne Leigh. 


Ballet Russes: The Art of Costume
Exhibition at The National Gallery of Australia (10/12/10 - 20/3/11)
Ballet Russes was a ballet company which performed between 1909 and 1929 in many countries under the directorship of Sergei Diaghilev.

La Dance 2009
The film follows the production of seven ballets by the Paris Opera Ballet. 
Now showing at The Astor in Melbourne

Aerial Ring
Keen to learn how to swing from one of these.

Catherine D'Lish 
Really want to meet this Burlesque star and do one of her Master Classes. One day!!!

Bike Riding
Really want this bike.

Sewing Book
A Guide to Fashion Sewing by Connie Amaden-Crawford
5th Edition

19 January 2011

Polly of California - Bombshell Shoes

I absolutely love vintage 1950s decadent Polly of California shoes. I only have a couple of them but my plan is to buy more in many different colours.

These fabulous shoes were released in the spring of 1961 and were originally called the 'Genie' or 'Glamour Clogs'. In 1964 they became synonymous with the half metal/half wood heel that was deemed non breakable. It was an extremely popular show with Hollywood celebrities, showgirls, pin-ups and burlesque dancers.

The magnificent Genie was first advertised in a Fredericks of Hollywood catalogue in the early 1960s and were available in many luscious colors.

There are many fashionistas who reproduce shoes similar to Pollys that you can get today. These include Betsey Johnson, Remix Vintage Shoes, Marciano by Guess, Patricia Field, Trashy Diva, Bordello and more.....

These shoes to me represent glamour, sophistication and scream 'Bombshell!!

The Polly of California store was re-established in 2010. So anyone can now claim a pair and feel like a starlet!!

Check out their website here:

02 January 2011

Edith Head - Costumier and Genius

Edith Head

Just wanted to raise a toast to the fabulous late costume designer Edith Head whom I adore!!

Edith Head (October 28, 1897 – October 24, 1981)  was an American Costume Designer who had a very long career in Hollywood that earned her eight Academy Awards. This was more than any other woman in history.
She had a outstanding career designing for movie stars and the celebrity set which included:
Mae West
Veronica Lake
Ingrid Bergman
Betty Davis
Elizabeth Taylor
Grace Kelly
Doris Day
Marlene Deitrich 
and the list goes on...................

Here is a sensational book to purchase if you don't have it and love design. This was given to me for Christmas and I was very excited to receive it.

Some of her wonderful creations

25 December 2010

My Bucket List - Whats Yours?

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted since September but I have been a very busy girl since I arrived back from my European trip! I will do a full post on my adventure shortly as I crammed a lot into three weeks and want to chat about it. In a nutshell though it was a magical holiday and I will be back for sure.

So what have I been up to since late September you ask??? Well I have been busily trying to de-clutter my life really. Out with the old and in with the new as they say. Do you ever get to a point in your life when you have to see it for what it really is and figure out which path to continue on, well this is my journey right now.

I have had plenty of personal ups and downs in 2010 so my plan is to have more ups rather than downs, so to speak!!!  So my focus has been to try to figure out what makes me happy and what doesn't. Does one ever get there? Well for me I hope so. That's why I have written my own back to basics 'Bucket List'! I know its trendy to do so right now but hey if it works why not.

Whats on your bucket list??

My Bucket List

1. Create a wonderful garden oasis in my back yard.
2. Finish house renovations.
3. Become a more accomplished seamstress.
4. Visit art galleries and museums.
5. Explore my city (Melbourne).
6. Do a cooking course or at least become a better cook.
7. Create a fabulous 'inspirational' board.
8. Learn how to meditate.
10. Eat better quality meals.
11. Teach burlesque classes and fine tune my craft.
12. Walk.
13. Read, read and read books I love.
14. Get a bike.
15. Become an etsy seller.
16. Get to know my community better.

Well that's a start on my 'Bucket List'. I will let you know how I go.

03 September 2010

I Can Smell Spain and Paris!!

Hello everyone,
Well I won't be blogging for a month or so as I am heading off to Europe in a few days and boy am I excited!! This is my first trip to Europe and I know I am going to have an AMAZING time.
My first destination is Spain as I am going to High Rockabilly for some dancing, drinking and good times with like-minded people. I also get to hang out with my two gal pals I am traveling with and I catch up with my fabulous new Spanish friend whom I recently met in Australia. Wow wee!!
Then after High Rockabilly we head to Barcelona for some rest and sightseeing. My Spanish pal only lives 10 minutes from our apartment so we can have more fun with her and she can show us her city. Bonus! Four days in Barcelona, not enough but it will be jammed packed.
Second stop is London and this will be a whirlwind tour. No rest for the wicked. Please don't rain Ms London while we are there. We need the sunshine for our sightseeing. Hopefully we get to see a Rockabilly band and/or some early Soul. Fingers crossed.
Last but not least is wonderful Paris. We are staying in a great apartment in Marais overlooking a lovely street. Cannot wait for this part of the trip!! Oh the food, oh the sights, of the language, oh the culture!! Oh and I get to perform and teach a burlesque masterclass. What more could a girl want I ask you?
So as I say goodbye for a few weeks think of me eating tapas or some cheese in the warm sun all while soaking up the magnificent sights and people. Magnifique!!
I promise though that lots of photos will come but stay tuned!! See you soon my friends.

26 August 2010

Outfit Shots Number One

Well ladies I thought it was about time I put up some shots of myself in some of my outfits. Most of these photos were taken very quickly after I just finished a burlesque photoshoot. I love my hair and makeup in these photos so needed to share.
The first shot is in the studio after my shots were taken while all the other shots are taken at home by my very enthusiastic husband
No 1: I am wearing a lovely cotton Hawaiian shirt with side zips and remix shoes that are obviously not visible.
No 2: I am wearing a red halter top I made from a retro vintage pattern, black vintage earrings, side zips and remix red shoes which you can't see.
No 3: In this photo I am in a vintage Cole of California dress, red tiki shoes with bamboo bangles and vintage earrings.
No 4: The final photo I am trying to go for the ' I Love Lucy' look!! I think I pulled it off!! Hee hee! I am wearing a fab vintage 'Lucy' style top, black capris, ballet flats and black earrings.
I hope you dig them.
Post photos
Fun shot at home!

Hawaiian worn with attitude!
I Love Lucy!!!
I Love Lucy!