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I am madly in love with anything vintage and have been for over 20 years or so now. The appeal for me with the 1940s and 1950s started when I was a teenager because I just didn't find the modern lifestyle appealing or romantic. So from about the age of seventeen I was hooked on the clothing, the furniture and the music. I can't get enough and enjoy being around others who love it as much as me. What a way to live! I wouldn't ask for it any other way. Now I can write a blog about my lifestyle and the things I enjoy and feel passionate about.

Dolores Daiquiri!

Dolores Daiquiri!

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29 December 2009

Painting My 1940s Loungeroom

Well hello again,
As we are on holidays my husband and I had the 'brilliant' idea of re-painting our lounge room the other day which  has now gone from a simple paint job to a full redo. It seems that once you start you can't stop as more things pop up to fix. The lounge room is smallish with timber windows and has not be touched in 10 years or so. It really needed a going over.
So after a few trips to the paint supplier, furniture removal and banter back and forward with my hubby about where to start we got going.
Prepping is soooo much fun - not!!! Plaster dust found in so many places that I wouldn't have thought it could reach. Stuff everywhere which means constant tripping over things and minimal room.
Anyway here are a few shots of our very messy lounge area. Hopefully it will be finished on the weekend. Wish us luck!!
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Fabulous 1940s Pant Suit I Just Purchased!!!

1940s Pant Suit
I just purchased this fabulous 1940s gabardine pant suit from ebay. I am so excited as I have hardly ever seen an original 40s pant suit on ebay, especially one like this. It is rather large though so I will need to spend money getting it altered but its much better that it is too big than too small.
Can't wait to get it!!!
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Photo from desertdealz (ebay)

28 December 2009

Could The 'Real Housewife' Stand Up!!

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I had a family friend over last night who stated to me in a conversation that she is a 'real housewife', whatever that means! I was initially quite annoyed by this comment because what she was inferring was that when it came to playing the housewife I was a poor second? My friend whom I might add is about 15 years older than me seems to have this idea that I 'kind-of' fail in the wife department because I don't really do all the 'wifey' things she does routinely and regularly- like cook dinner every night, make packed lunches, have a perfectly clean house etc. I think she believes that my poor husband is a little neglected at times because I don't stack up and do everything as well as she does.

Obviously we are two worlds apart when it comes to what being a wife actually means!!! So I ask the question what does it mean to be the so-called perfect domestic wifey??? It does seem that when you look at my blog page that I really love the 40s & 50s which is true but only aesthetically, not traditionally. I would never want to be a slave to homeduties. For the most part I do actually do all the cleaning, cooking and houseduties in general and have a lovely clean home. This is mainly because I feel that if its done my way I get it done quicker and how I like it, plus my hubby is not so good at these things!!! I also secretly enjoy housework and do love to have a neat, fresh house!! But that doesn't mean it should be my role as a dutiful wife to do everything domestic and I shouldn't be made to feel guilty.

In summary I would like to think that most women of today do not aspire to be the perfect housewife but aspire to be great at more substantial things. Don't get me wrong I love a home I can be proud of but that is different than striving to be a perfect domestic wife. However if that's your 'thang' then fine but I have other more important things to do and being the perfect domestic wife ain't one of them!!!! xxxx

27 December 2009

The Christmas Bulge!

Well hello there,
I am finally working out how to blog which is not easy but its fun!! I just need more followers to come on my adventure with me. Hint, hint!!
So I hope your christmas was wonderful and not too exhausting. I myself had a lovely time but I ate way too much and need to hit the gym tomorrow. Psst don't tell my trainer what I consumed. She would be mortified as she keeps telling me - Dawn its 70% food and 30% exercise! I know, I know.
So this is what I ate.
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This is what I should have eaten.
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Anyway I am on holidays and that is my excuse for indulging.
News years resolution here I come. xxxxx

26 December 2009

Exercise - Oh how I hate you!!!

My goal for 2010 is to LIKE exercise but that will be a task and a half as I don't like it really. In fact I hate it!!!!! Don't get me wrong I am not lazy but I am not keen on the leak of lactic acid that drains from my body while my personal trainer whips me into a frenzy!! It is sooo boring pumping weights and running on a treadmill but I know I will be pleased in a few months when I can finally get into my gorgeous pink chiffon 50s dress that is hanging in my wardrobe screaming - wear me!!!! Or when I can get into my fabulous new mexican 50s capri pants because I have buns of steal and a rippled tummy ! Are you with me ladies??
So the question is which body should I aspire to have?? You be the judge.

Me, Myself and I

Well this is my very first blog and I am excited to be here. Not sure what to write really but I'll give it a try. On holidays right now and enjoying the rest!! It is so nice to recharge the batteries don't you think??
My major plan for this week is to attempt to paint my lounge room. Not very relaxing I know but I love the end result of seeing something new and fresh. We have a lovely little home that is decked out in mostly 1950s furniture and bric-a-brac as we are nuts for that era. Give me 1949 to 1956 anytime over modern today. Furniture and clothing that is!
Our lounge is currently painted minty green with a feature wall that is a light coral colour. Mmm hard to describe this colour as my husband made it up. I do love vintage colours like the pallet I have attached. Quite difficult to find colours like that anymore.
Then I am moving onto my garden. I have a succulent/cactus garden that is incomplete and frustrating me! Need to get going on it really. Here are some inspirational garden ideas. What do you think?