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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I am madly in love with anything vintage and have been for over 20 years or so now. The appeal for me with the 1940s and 1950s started when I was a teenager because I just didn't find the modern lifestyle appealing or romantic. So from about the age of seventeen I was hooked on the clothing, the furniture and the music. I can't get enough and enjoy being around others who love it as much as me. What a way to live! I wouldn't ask for it any other way. Now I can write a blog about my lifestyle and the things I enjoy and feel passionate about.

Dolores Daiquiri!

Dolores Daiquiri!

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23 January 2010

Facts About Me!!!

Thought is was time to let you know a little bit about who I am and my life.
  • Vintage loving gal from about the age of 16 and have had a crazy life since then. Discovered Rockabilly music, found a coral linen 50s dress in an op shop and I was off!! Have an old photo of me wearing that dress on my first outing but the hair was not quite there yet. lol
  • Been a healthcare professional since University and hoping to get out of it one day. Don't get me wrong I love it but it might be time for a change of direction.
  • I have been a burlesque dancer for eight years with my troupe and this is what I really love to do!!!! I'm now adding promoter to my resume and am about to put on Australia's first burlesque festival.
  • I love sewing and would not miss my classes every Sat morning for anything. Really enjoy being in my cactus garden as I find it relaxing and it is another way for me to be creative. Love collecting vintage clothing, jewelry, bags, fabric and furniture of a by-gone-era.
  • Live in a lovely 1948 built home, that we are still renovating, with my husband and cat.
  • About to travel to Europe later this year and can't wait.
Well that's a small snippet of my life. Hope you enjoy hearing about me.
* Thought of the day. Create the life you want and not the life you think you should have.
 Me with Janice Martin (RIP).
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A weekend away with pals
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Burlesque Photoshoot
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