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Dolores Daiquiri!

Dolores Daiquiri!

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24 July 2010

Melbourne International Film Festival and Dolores Daiquiri

A few days ago I was invited to the premier of an exciting movie I was featured in 12 months ago. This inaugural night is part of 'The Melbourne International Film Festival' or more commonly known as MIFF and is an important date on the film calendar.
I was extremely excited to be part of the film but equally so about the magic of the premier as I not only got to see the movie but I got to attend the VIP pre-party and perform at the afterparty. Wow!!
So here's a brief rundown of the event just for you.
I arrived at around 5pm to meet the Hi Ball Burlesque girls in our lovely dressing room as we had to do a technical run through on stage at the Plaza. The Plaza Ballroom was build in 1929, is heritage listed and certainly captures the opulence of  a bygone era so you can appreciate my excitement!!

After rehearsal we made sure our gowns and makeup were perfect and then headed out to walk the red carpet prior to the movie preview of  'The Wedding Party'. This spectacular movie is based in my local town Melbourne and I couldn't wait to see it. Here we are in our dressing room just prior to walking the red carpet.

Walking the red carpet was SO thrilling and I was beaming with excitement. The four of us actually looked fab, if I do so say myself, as we all wore lovely bombshell vintages dresses and did stand out so of course the photographers 'loved' us! Hee hee!! Here is a great photo of us on the red carpet in The Regent foyer and a press shot in 'The Age' which is a large mainstream publication. The gorgeous girl with the black dress is a rising star in Australia and is now trying to make it in Hollywood. Go Isabel Lucas!!

Red Carpet Moment!

After the fun on the red carpet we headed into the VIP pre-party to drink champagne and mingle with the cast, crew and special guests. Here are a few shots of us with the stars.
Josh Lawson - star of the movie
Adrian Grenier - Big Entourage Fan!!
Isabel Lucas - star of the movie
Geoff Paine - star of the movie

After all this excitement we headed into the beautiful Regent Theatre to see the film. Here I am just before the film was about to start. The movie itself is fantastic! Such a credit to the screenwriter, producer and director. Go see it if you can for those that live in Australia. Sorry my International pals, not sure if it will be released OS but I have added in the teaser!!
After the film we were excorted back to our dressing room to get changed for our performance. It was such a thrill and the audience was magnificent. Sorry no photos as yet. Then we drank more champagne at the afterparty until it was time to take our aching feet home for some well earned sleep.

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