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I am madly in love with anything vintage and have been for over 20 years or so now. The appeal for me with the 1940s and 1950s started when I was a teenager because I just didn't find the modern lifestyle appealing or romantic. So from about the age of seventeen I was hooked on the clothing, the furniture and the music. I can't get enough and enjoy being around others who love it as much as me. What a way to live! I wouldn't ask for it any other way. Now I can write a blog about my lifestyle and the things I enjoy and feel passionate about.

Dolores Daiquiri!

Dolores Daiquiri!

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19 July 2010

Europe Here We Come!!

I am in dreamland at the moment thinking about my European trip in September. I am extremely excited to be spending three solid weeks floating around Spain, London and Paris!! I have never been to Europe before so cannot wait for what will be in store for myself and my girlfriends.Yes that's right folks partners and pets will be left behind while I scoot away with my gal pals for a giggling, girly adventure.
First up I will be heading over to High Rockabilly in Calafell which will be one week of rocking music, the ocean and good times with like-minded people. I have quite a few bands I want to see such as The Dragtones, Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers, The Rimshots and so on. I am also keen to hang out by the beach drinking cocktails while soaking up some warm rays!! Bring it on!!

After Calafell we then head to Barcelona for rest and exploring. So looking forward to eating some great tapas and visiting all the wonderful sites around the city such as the Gaudi architecture, museums (particularly Picasso) and local landmarks.

Then after all that history and excitement we head off to London for three days of rush, rush and rush to get everything in we want to see. I won't bore you with details but it will be the usual touristy stuff with some music thrown in and vintage shopping for good measure.

Paris is our last stop for eight luscious days of Paris, PARIS and more Paris!! I am beaming with anticipation and delight. Of course we will do the usual touristy things but we certainly want to connect with the locals and experience Parisiennes and local culture. Sssh I might even be able to squeeze in a burlesque show as I would love to perform in Paris. Cross fingers!!


  1. How exciting! I long to go to Europe and the High! So many of my friends have gone and all say it is the best weekender in the world!

  2. Yes we are very excited to say the least. I have heard only great things about High so cannot wait. I'll make sure I post plenty of photos.

  3. I still haven't been to High but would LOVE to go, nearly all my friends have been too and say it's fabulous, you'll have a ball!

  4. Well there's still time - hint hint!!! My biggest issue is trying to get outfits sorted as we have a 23kg limit so it will be hard deciding. So do I take bombshell, Hawaiian or a bit of both?? Then I need shoes to go with said outfits!! Oh the dilemma!! lol

  5. Hi, I'm really glad to have dropped by...your blog is lovely. What a fantastic trip. Everyone says the High is brilliant, and I wouldn't say no to Paris myself...x

  6. Ohhhh you are soooo lucky! You have to post pictures :) I have been dying to get to Europe and to see High Rockabilly. One day, I suppose.