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I am madly in love with anything vintage and have been for over 20 years or so now. The appeal for me with the 1940s and 1950s started when I was a teenager because I just didn't find the modern lifestyle appealing or romantic. So from about the age of seventeen I was hooked on the clothing, the furniture and the music. I can't get enough and enjoy being around others who love it as much as me. What a way to live! I wouldn't ask for it any other way. Now I can write a blog about my lifestyle and the things I enjoy and feel passionate about.

Dolores Daiquiri!

Dolores Daiquiri!

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11 July 2010

Patterns and Books

My sewing teacher who loves to share with me anything related to vintage sewing or fashion showed me this wonderful newly released book by Christine Boydell. A student of hers brought it back from the London V & A museum and I fell in love with every page. Upon skimming the pages I immediately power walked up to my favourite local bookstore and by sheer coincidence they had one copy left, just for me!! Of course I bought it and I think you should too.
This lavishly illustrated book tells the history of British Horrockses Fashions, which was the most popular ready-to-wear label in Britain during the 40s and 50s and was worn by women of all social backgrounds. The fashion was quite distinctive, fresh and had the most divine designs that any vintage loving gal would drool over.
I hope you find a copy of this delightful book and enjoy it as much as I am.

Another book that I love is one I purchased a little while ago by Joanna Chase (2009) called 'Sew and Save'. It is actually reproduced from the original 1941 edition and is cute as a button. I love it!! It has everything from 'Planning Your Wardrobe' to 'Frocks, Blouses & Skirts' to 'Tricks To Smartness. What more could a girl want I ask you??

Speaking of sewing here are two patterns I recently purchased. The first one (B5214) is what I am currently making. Its only in the very early stages of a toile and I need to find the fabric but hopefully it will be finished in a few weeks. I would love to find a great striped fabric but having no luck so far. Any fabric suggestions ladies?
My next project will be the Vogue 1953 pattern (V2961). I want to make the strapless dress No B.
I have added a photo of a girl wearing it. What do you think?

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